Film Interiors Unwrapped: Wimbledon

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The perfect prescription for a dull Sunday afternoon, Wimbledon is the story of rising tennis star Lizzie (Kirsten Dunst) and aging player Peter (Paul Bettany) who fall in love amid the competitive atmosphere of the games. Though much of the film takes place on the court and in hotel rooms, the small glimpses that we're given into Peter's life (his apartment under renovation and his family's house) leave me wanting to see more. His childhood home in Brighton (above) is the quintessential English country house that combines formal style with a hint of messiness to keep it from being cold. 

The kitchen is clearly the heart of this house, with its large hutch
 full of blue and white plates. Mom Augusta arranges
 the day's flower pickings from the garden.

A gorgeous stone fireplace in the dining room--
the mantel covered in silver pieces and pottery.

The treehouse--dad Edward's temporary living quarters.

Peter keeps an apartment in his hometown which seems to have undergone a lot of renovation and then stalled (perhaps because of a losing streak in his career). His living room and kitchen are the only finished rooms, with the rest half lived in and half in boxes.

The first shot of Peter's apartment shows that he has some great pieces to make for a cool space--French bistro chairs, stained glass lanterns, a whitewashed dresser.

Salvaged etched glass doors and a wooden coat stand
 continue the French touches.

A file cabinet separates the bedroom from the living room. 

From the bedroom side, we see that the living room is one space
 that is no longer in transit. A cute corner cabinet and accessories--
such as the pair of vases--make the room complete.

Here are a few items on the market now (though some of them are more wish-list picks than anything else) that share the essence of their inspiration pieces in Peter's apartment and in his childhood home.
The Riviera Chair from TK Collections.

A multi-colored glass lantern from Place Bellecour.

A French cartonnier or file cabinet from Olivier Fleury Inc.

A trio of bottles from New Dominion Blues.

An open hutch from Cottage Chic.

(Film Images are the property of Working Title Films. Production Designer: Brian Morris. Set Decorator: Caroline Cobbold.)

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