Fresh linen towels and soft materials complement even the most rustic interior- let the walls share their story.
Don't hide the bath salts, candles etc.display them in matching ceramic bowls.

Photo Jeroen van der Spek

Photo Jeroen van der Spek


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When I say WAREHOUSE, I mean WAREHOUSE! I'd never been in before, although I've passed it thousands (literally) of times. This morning I went in and fell head over heals, in love, that is! This store is my dream come true! Keep your fancy brands and pricey stores, this is where I belong! I snapped a few pics along the way...a huge dresser I would LOVE to restore for my bedroom, a cubbyhole style cabinet to show a friend, a yellow medicine cabinet my niece would swoon for, a small table and chairs set that would be fantastic for my mother in law if I redid them, PILES of crates and wire baskets, BEAUTIFUL frames everywhere you look, a super cute child's size desk. If the store scale was the size of a hand, these few pictures would only represent a hangnail! There is SOOOO much in here! I found out they have layaway too! Check it out near the intersection of Noble and Lovers Lane in Visalia!


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 How about a little X's and O's?  This was a simple but elegant project.  I love the results.  Here's how I did it:

Cardboard box
Knife or scissors to cut cardboard
Paper pattern
Red Fabric
Red Ribbon (Mine came from Costco.  Best deal on Ribbon EVER!)
Glue gun and glue
White sheer ribbon
Red berries

First I got some cardboard and cut out 2 of each shape.
 Now get some Red fabric and cut 2 pieces of each shape.  These will wrap around the cardboard.

Hot glue the red fabric to the cardboard.  First one side then the other.  You may need to clip the fabric to get it to lay flat at the curves and corners.

 Next, I sewed the ribbon into pleats, but just one side. You could do this with just a glue gun, but it might be kinda hard. You could also buy pre-pleated trim for this project.

Next glue the ribbon down to the letters.

Here's some close ups of the letters. For the O, I did two rows facing inward and one facing out.

 The X got two rows, 2 full going one direction, then 2 half rows the other direction.
I used the sheer ribbon to connect the letters.
Tie a knot, then staple the ribbon to the
back.  It's easy since it's cardboard.

 Then I made a large bow and wired it together along with the sheer loop that attaches the letters.  I made a large wire loop for hanging.

 I tucked some berry sprigs into the ribbon to finish it off.
Hang it in place and you're done.

Happy Valentines and lots of Hugs and Kisses to you!


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This past week, my son pulled out some Pillsbury rolls out of the fridge before breakfast and he wanted to roll them out with a rolling pin. (The day before we had used some of the package for dinner). I decided it would be fun to make some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, so here they are:
They were really quick and easy to make.  Plus, they turned out pretty good!
We rolled out the rolls...
Added cinnamon and sugar to the top...

Then, baked, according to package directions.  A delicious, fattening, and unhealthy breakfast, all in under 20 minutes!  Enjoy!


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Holy long title!  Can you tell I've got a lot to cram into one post?!

Let's start with the AMAZING giveaway I won a few weeks back from the sweet gals at Lolly Jane!

I think they are just the most adorable gals!  They are so sweet and creative! And twins!!

They host a linky party, Whatcha Got Weekend (WGW), each week and I'm always sure to link up!

Anywho, I won a credit to their shop and chose this adorable sign that reads "Life is short.  Enjoy the ride."

I love it in my office!  Thank you so much girls!

Next, I've been very busy this weekend!  Even with a nasty cold I was determined to get some work done on my office.  I was able to finish my chevron curtains inspired by A Drop In the Bucket.

I'm so excited with how they turned out!

I used a 6' x 9' dropcloth from Home Depot and it only cost $10.50.  I had the paint already.

They're not perfect - I didn't coat 100%, but I like them that way.

Right now they're very stiff, so I'm hoping over time they'll relax so they don't look so rigid.  Any pointers on how to soften them up?  I'm kind of scared to put them in the dryer.

I also made a curtain rod using leftover wood from my desk and a $3 dowel.

Please excuse the white adhesive peeking through - I'm trying to avoid putting too many nails in the wall.

These were inspired by curtain rods I saw in a West Elm magazine YEARS ago!

Details and tutorial coming soon!

Ok - if you're still with me, thanks!

I had a spur of the moment decorating idea for my office and I'm still debating.

I still haven't been able to sell my zebra end table, so on a whim I threw it up on my desk.

My thought is that it could serve as both a shelf, and extra storage.  Currently I've got my scrap fabric in the top drawer, and miscellaneous tid-bits in the bottom drawer.

So here is where I need your opinion - LOVE it, or HATE it?

**UPDATE - I decided I LOVE it, so I'm keeping it! I'd still love any input or ideas you have!**

Don't be mean to me please! Just let me know what you think.

Keep in mind that I'm not done decorating yet, so some things will change, like the visible sewing machine cords and some of the decor.  The two chairs I currently have will be gone as of tomorrow night and replaced with modern wood chairs!

One more view:

Ok, don't make me cry!

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