If you missed the Monopoly printables, they have been reset.  You can get the Monopoly Deal card game for free or nearly free at Walmart with coupons found here.

There's also a BOGO coupon for My Little Pony toys, which are BOGO at Toys R Us tomorrow, making them free as well...  See Jane4Girls blog for more info.

These make great stocking stuffers!


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Pottery Barn Wall Easel: $235 (Pottery Barn frames = $275) TOTAL: $510

Jenna's Rustic Version: $17 (Ikea frames = $85) TOTAL: $102

My spectator as I took photos :) 

Total Savings: $408

beneath my heart

How to make your own Studio Wall Easel:

Supplies: Piece of Wood, Wood Stain, Black Ribbon, Nails, Plumbing Pipe Brackets, and Picture Frames

1. I took a hammer to the piece of wood (mine is about 6 feet long). I distressed it by hitting it with both sides of the hammer multiple times.
2. I then took the plumbing brackets and bent them around the wood and into the shape I wanted.
3. I stained the wood until I had the color I wanted.
4. While the stain was drying, I took the plumbing brackets and sprayed them black (I also took a few screws and sprayed them black).
5. Once the stain was dry, I took 4 pieces of black satin ribbon (about 4 feet each) and nailed them into the board (leaving space for the brackets to be attached on the ends).
6. Then I hung the board on the wall with the plumbing brackets.
7. Here is the secret... I didn't really hang the frames from the ribbon. I used nails to nail through the ribbon and hold the frames in place on the wall. I couldn't figure out a way for the ribbon to hold the frames but after thinking about it for way too long... I realized I didn't need the ribbon to hold up the frames... it just needed to look like it was ;)

DIY Club


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This was actually our first project (besides installing the missing bathroom door right away... that was a necessity!). We speculate that the previous owners didn't finish paying for the fence because our neighbor told us that after the house was vacant, the fence company came out, sawed off the poles, and took the entire fence in less than 10 minutes. We were left with partial poles sticking out of the ground.

TGFG (Thank God for Glenn)!! Our neighbors from our first house ROCK! We will continue to try and move them to our new neighborhood. Glenn is probably the MOST handy person we know. Glenn so kindly helped (or did 99%) of the fence for us (I know... nice, huh!?!). He did such an amazing job. Nate and I (with the help of some family) stained and finished nailing. The best part is, he is great at finding deals and we were able to do the entire fence for a fraction of the cost of having it done by a company in town. We love that guy (and his family is amazing too)!

Old view from our backdoor:

New view from our backdoor (and our new gate):

Next BIG project this summer... redo the backyard (oh the joys of buying a foreclosure)!
We don't think this grass is going to pull through for us....


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I stumbled upon a fabulous deal at Reasor's today!  Many of their Kellogg's cereals are marked down, including the Blueberry Shredded Wheat, (one of our fav's) to $2.50 per box.

They also have many boxes marked with $1/1 peelies, which brings the cereal to $1.50 per box.  If you have the Calendar rebate forms like I do, purchase 10 boxes for $15.00 plus tax, and send your receipt for a $10 rebate!

But wait, it gets better...

With every 3-4 boxes you buy, you get a Catalina for a free gallon of milk, any brand, any flavor, up to $4.19!!!!!

So I purchased:
10 boxes of cereal  for $25.00
Used 10 $1/1 peelies      -10.00
OOP                                 $15.00
Sent off rebate              -10.00
Total cost of cereal        $ 5.00 for 10 boxes!!!
Plus got Catalinas for 3 gallons of milk free!!!!!

Catalina offer ends 4/10/10 and would probably work at CountryMart also, since they usually run the same Cat deals.  Have fun shopping!


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Look for this Spring Essentials flyer at your local grocers to find a $1/1 coupon on any one Blue Bunny Novelty. These are available at Wal-mart for $1/1 and the coupon did not beep when I tested it yesterday! 

Yippe!  Free ice cream just in time for summer!


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Over spring break, we were blessed to be able to take an spontaneous trip to Florida.  We made the decision, packed and arrived at our destination within 48 hours! 

During the picture taking process, I realized just how much gray I can't see in my own hair! At first, I was distressed at my realization, but I'm so opposed to damaging my hair and my health with the coloring process that I needed to find a way to bolster my resolve not to color.  This book did the trick.

With information ranging from the best types of hair care products for grays, to the best hairstyles, colors for clothing and cosmetics, it didn't take long for me to realize that this transition to gray is just another season in life to be embraced and enjoyed!  Even rooms are going gray this season, per Martha Stewart!

I was please to find a corresponding website by the same name,  Going Gray, Looking Great!  With so many beautiful friends like Sister.Faith and the Penless Writer who have made the switch, I'm encouraged to continue in my natural state, and move into the phase of "unfading glory..."


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I am going to be posting a series of blog posts on my favorites. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot of them. I love photography and first became aware of it when I began modeling at age 12 for the Ford agency in New York. I am going to do a compendium of photographers whose work that I find powerful, compelling, moving and relevant, and they are not all fashion photographers in fact very few of them are. These may not all be my favorites but I hope to do a rather comprehensive review of contemporary photography. My loosely outlined plan will go like this. Im not sure how long this will take me but I would like to explore 4-5 a week of these ideas/ critiques and previews into the work of the photographers mentioned below. Many of these photographers work I have seen recently at shows in New York or at the Venice Bianale and I have wanted to write about it for some time so here we go.  This is a guide for me to follow and a kind of table of contents to organize my thoughts.  These are my categories entirely and my analysis completely. The photos below are photographs from the photographers I will explore. the photograph precedes the group or pattern that I am looking at.  The photographer whose work is shown is in blue

1- Vulnerability- the photographer, lover and Muse- Francesca Woodman, Edward Weston and Alfred Stieglitz

2-Vulnerability- Intimacy with the subject, muse but less lover- but the photographer is less important and present- Egoless? (Still looking for a title) Richard Learoyd, Nicholas Nixon, Emmett Gowin

3- Vulnerability- In from the inside- exposure- Documenting One's Culture and identity- Nan Goldin, Robbert Mapplethorpe, Catherine Opie

4- Vulnerability- Documenting ones family Nicholas Nixon, Emmett Gowin and Sally Mann

5- Psycholocial Profiles and Voyeristic windows- exploration of Freakshow- Photographers who are less connected to their subjects but looking in from the outside- Much less about vulnerability and more about a lens as distancing- Diane Arbus- Katie Grannan- Mary Ellen Mark

6- Narssisim meets the sacred and profane- the work of Sally Mann

7- The pornographers- Helmet Newton, Sally Mann, Peter Beard, and Andreas Serrano

8- Documenting Popular culture- Rineke Dijkstra, Lauren Greenfield & Thomas Struth

9- The Imposters- challenging cultural creation of identity and worth and art- Cindy Sherman, Yasumasu Morimura and VIk Muniz

10- Sureal Portraits- Painting with photography- Loretta Lux, Jill Greenberg and Timothy Greenfield Sanders and possibly Phillip-Lorca diCorcia

11- The Camera Obscura- Abelardo Morell and Vera Lutter

12- Portraits of Landscape- Doug Hall, Andreas Gursky, Emmett Gowin, Vik Muniz

13- Indusrial Landscapes- Edward Burtynsky, Ted Wood

14- Iconic Structures- Bernd &Hilla Becker& Julius Shulman

14- Conservation Photographers- Ansel Adams, James Balong, Ted Wood and Yann Arthus Bertrand, Elliot Porter

15- The Surrealists- constructed psychological realities- David LaChapelle, Joel-Peter Witkin, Jeff Wall

16-The Humanists- changing american culture by exposing truth- Lewis Hine, Dorthea Lange, Taryn Simon

17- Telling stories with dignity- Power of the story- suffering, war, and globalization- James Nachwey and Sebastiao Salgado

18- Juxtaposing reality and unreality- Simon Norfolk and Gregory Crewdson

19- Elemental experimentation- documenting sacred and individual experiences in the natural world- Susan Derges, Scott Johnson, Joanne Verberg, Richard Misrach

20- Being there- photographing your culture falling apart around you- David Goldblatt and Josef Koudelka

21- Static Movement Portraits- Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz

22- Sentimentality - time and place- Eugene Atget, Robert Doisneau, Walker Evans, Robert Frank and Gary Winogrand

23-Reconstrcting reality and documenting the unreality- James Casebere, Thomas Demand, Brian McKee

24- Sexy, fresh and beautiful- how a woman wants to be seen- Ellen Von Unwerth and Henri Cartier- Bresson

25- Historic Icons meet Tacita Dean- Man Ray- Eadweard Maybridge and of course Tacita Dean

26- Remembering Culture- Diaspora- Shirin Neshat, Joakim Eskldsen and Phil Borges (maybe- I find his work a bit contrived) and Wade Davis

27-Masters Of Beauty- Steven Miesel, Nick Knight and Irving Penn

28- The Sureal- seeing through different eyes- Robert and Shana Parkeharrison, Thomas Ruff, and Gary Schnieder


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9 And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (2 Corinthians 12:9, New King James Version)


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One of the things we've done on this trip is scout out local beach style architecture.  My friend, Cindy, loved this subdivision, and we stopped in for a few pics.  Enjoy!


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