Autumn Foyer

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall has arrived in the Carolinas (inside and out)…. the temperature has dropped and the scenery has changed.   Love this time of year!


A few simple changes to the overall décor and you have an autumn foyer!

Left side of foyerIMG_9988

Confession:  I can over do it when it comes to decorating.

So to keep things simple, I used a few felt placemats as wall art!  Yep, you read that right!  Placemats and a shadow box frame, that I have had for years, creates a simple but welcoming foyer.


My original plan was to add some glitz to the otherwise plain placemats, but after seeing them up on the wall,  I have decided to stick with the less is more attitude.  For now! 

This was the easiest wall décor ever!  I pulled down all the picture frames and plants from the wall, and literally stuck the vein of the leaf over the nail already in the wall!  I just gave each placemat a nudge so they hang on an angle.


Here is one of the shadow box frames that I purchased from Big Lots years ago.   They still had the cardboard over the corners! 


I added a few leaves, pumpkins, and acorns to the ledge.  The leaf pillows (stuffed in the urn) were also once placemats.

I am still looking for some faux topiaries for the ledge.  I am surprised that this has been such a difficult process. I really thought I knew of a place that would have them locally.  They had a few but they were all too small.   I search continues.


I had way more photos to share with you but Photoshop decided it wasn’t going to work.  Well, it did work up until I wanted to save the photographs and then it crashed.  I believe a recent computer update has interfered with the workings of PH.   Please don’t suggest I  use another program, because do you know how hard it is to switch from your favorite photo editing software?  It’s like going to a new hair stylist!  Not. going. to. happen. 

Not without a lot of whining and crying.  lol Autumn Arrives Party


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