When I opened the most recent issue of Inside Out magazine, I fell instantly in love with the NYC apartment of sisters Hollister and Porter Hovey (names like that belong in a Wes Anderson script). Their style (evident in the first two pics) gives me a chance to tout the glories of the "gentlemen's club" aesthetic -- a style I have long admired for its unapologetic masculinity and for the fact that it reminds me of England. To be clear, we're not talking about strip club decor. The gentlemen's clubs in question were first established in the West End of London in the eighteenth century. They were members-only clubs for upper-class men to socialize, play parlor games, dine, and sometimes retreat for the night. Dark walls, shelves full of books, lit fireplaces, leather club chairs, ancestral art and animal skins and antlers are all welcome in this environment. These are rooms for retreating from a rainy day or an unrelenting winter. They are spaces to sink into with a favored book and a hot cup of Earl Grey while noshing on shortbread.

Images: Inside Out magazine, July-August 2011 issue. Living etc magazine, September 2011 issue. Simply SeletaDecoratualma.


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Continuing my posts about colour today! Monday it was plum, today it is blue. I have always liked blue, the deep moody blue that can look fresh combined with white or mysterious with darker shades. The combination with bright red works surprisingly well too. I especially like the indigo blues used in fabrics such as kimono fabric or ikat from Japan and other far East countries. The beauty is, used in textiles like cushions or throws you can never have enough of them in my opinion, especially scattered together on a sofa or bed. Combining lots of different patterns and textures but all in the same colour can make a room look very 'together' and stylish.


Ever since buying my new sewing machine a few weeks ago I have turned into a cushion factory, so my house might end up looking like this one day!


I always keep an eye out for unique decor items while browsing markets and carboot sales and I have been collecting quite a few blue lovelies over time. This cute little vase I discovered recently:





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Ok so just recently I've fallen in love with wood pallet furniture!
So much in fact, that I'm planning on building bookshelves in my guest room from them!
What a great way to save something from the landfill; and its a great conversation piece!
Here are some pics of a few great pieces so that you can be inspired too!


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Joint venture of Carita and Ryan- recycled furnitures.
The great Canadian craftmanship, Scandinavian design and passion for recycling come together in
scancan design

Ryan putting his skills in use...

The final product-super comfy for crosslegged sitting

NO copyright applies- the more we all recycle the better!

The tyre stools in action, see live in The Wild Fig Cafe, Scarborough, WA
( without the extension cord though)

For orders or more info, contact Carita at scandinaviandeko@gmail.com


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Have you guys heard of the store Altar'd State?  I just discovered it this past week and I was in LOVE!  They have little birdie and owl trinkets all over the store.  They have clothes too, but I was more interested in the knick knacks.  See for yourself:

Sorry for the poor picture quality - I snapped these on the DL with my phone!  I took pictures because I plan on making these myself soon!  They were cute, but pricey.  It'll be much cheaper to make them myself!

I also made another Owl iPhone cover like this one!

This one is thicker and done nicer! I love it!

Soooo - onto the features!!


My jaw dropped when I saw this fireplace from The Rooster and The Hen.  All of the logs are from part of a tree they trimmed in the back yard.  LOVE THIS!

This retro birdie table from Embracing Change is so fun! I love the table style - the sweet little birdie just looks perfect on it! Not to mention that wonderful color!

life We Live 4 did such a great job on this buffet!  The color is gorgeous and the glaze makes the details look even better! I love how this turned out!

The polka dot letter on this pumpkin from A Lived In Home is so flipping cute! I'm crazy over polka dots right now, and it looks so cute on the pumpkin!


I'm drooling over this dresser from Petticoat Junktion!! It looks AMAZING with the white peeking through! Isn't this color so fun!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!



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I am guest posting today over at one of my very favorite blogs!

I am sharing a tutorial on how to make this:

Head on over to check it out!  If you are visiting from Someday Crafts, Hi!  I am glad to have you here!


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...has opened the doors in Scarborough, Western Australia.

I was fortunate to take part in this fun project with amazing team spirit! The furnitures are all collected from opshops, verge collections and salvage yards. A great deal of wild imagination and craftmanship has gone into the interior. While sipping your coffee - you just can't help but get inspired and wondering about all the things that we can do with old treasures by "upgrading" them.

Here are some tasters...for further info about the cafe,
visit: http://www.thefig.com.au/

Old crates as display shelving

Yammy food...

Check out the whisk&potato masher lights...

Nanna coffee cup and grass chandeliers...

Patchwork wallpapering and tin can light...

First customers chilling out on recycled tyre stools place on the recycled timber deck...

Happy&tired after big day's work, grateful for the comfort of the pallet daybeds... (see motorcycle cow head light)...


For further info about pallet daybeds or funky recycled lighting visit www.natdarbyshire.com

Like the recycled tyre stools by SCANCAN DESIGN??  
contact Carita at scandinaviandeko@gmail.com


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Burlap is one of my new favorite mediums to use. A wonderful friend of mine gave me a few letter W's as a gift (I have a selection of W's throughout the house...I am a huge fan of letters!). I decided to combine 2 of my favorites... burlap and W's! It was a very quick and easy craft and I love how it turned out!







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Recently I posted a blog about my most recent weekend project. I painted my hallway in stripes and then added a fun collection of hooks for hanging jackets, diapers bags, backpacks, etc...
Today I'm going to tell you how to make hooks from forks and spoons.
Its quite simple and quick!

Items you will need for this project:
A drill and drill bit to drill hole for screw
A screw
Fork or spoon
Wood piece in any size or color

Step 1: Bend the spoon or fork in middle to form a hook.

Step 2: Drill a hole in the center of spoon/fork handle

Step: 3 Center the spoon/fork where you want it to be placed on the wood; and screw the screw through the hole on spoon/fork onto the wood.

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!


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