Hello everybody!  I'm Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar and I am thrilled to be posting on Tatertots and Jello today.  Jen is awesome. 

This is me and my boys. 

Today I'm sharing a super simple idea that will help you remember the good times.  Sometimes kids say the funniest things ever. 

I guess he had heard me talking about product reviews.  No, he doesn't have a blog :)
I always think I'll remember what they've said, but the truth is my memory isn't what it used to be.  So, this simple "Remember" Quote Box will help with that.

You can make one too by finding an old recipe box and giving it a makeover.

Here's what I did: 

My mom had a recipe box she wasn't using, so I spraypainted it pale turquoise.  Then I added a little red vinyl to dress it up.

Next I traced some of the tabbed index cards to make my own new ones.

I bought 4 packs of blank index cards to fill the box.  It's back to school time so you can find them for about 65 cents a pack.  I gave each child a tabbed section and now when they say something funny I can open the box, jot it down, and remember it forever.

The other day my newly four-year old piped up to tell me this.  In case you can't read it, it says, "If you're not good, Santa doesn't bring you many presents.  Like, if you kill someone - that's pretty bad.  Then you only get a yo-yo."  What?  I'm honestly not sure where that came from, but it made me laugh pretty hard.

I wrote down the month, year, and the age he was up in the corner.  You could even fill up the cards with something that isn't a quote, but something else you want to remember.  I always want to remember how my boys make me wait till they are at the garage door before I can open it.  That way they can pretend they are lifting it with their super strength.

A kind lady in my neighborhood told me she did something like this and now that her children have grown they love to pull out the box for fun and read through it together.
I think it'll also be fun to pull out on those hard days when my boys are making me crazy.  It's always nice to remember the good times :)

Thank you SO much for having me Jen!

Cheri - that is such a great idea!! 

Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

If you don't know I Am Momma Hear Me Roar - you are in for a treat. Cheri can craft, she can sew AND she can DIY. 

Check out these projects:

This SuperHero Room Cheri created is beyond cool!!

Such a good idea -- upcycle old tees into a Cool Dress

Great post about how to make Printable in Picnik. Love this!

And if you have been thinking of painting your cabinets - check out this post!

Be sure to head over to I Am Momma Hear Me Roar - you will love Cheri's ideas!! 


PS -- I am sharing my first Halloween project of 2011 at eighteen25 today -- it combines FOUR of my favorite things -- Halloween, Eye Charts, Chevron and Printables!! 

Plus pillows too :) 

I'm so excited about the Halloween Spooktacular!!


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Here is my photochallenge picture for the week.  I decided to play around with the photo filter in Photoshop.  I learned some new things doing that!  This week, the challenge was to take a picture "looking down."

I am so excited my corn is growing this year...and that I will have more than a cob to eat!


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Here are the "prizes" I mentioned in the Stache Party introduction.

One random participant will win a pack of 5 homemade cards (by me!)  I made them out of my stash!  If you would like to win ONE of TWO other packs of 5 (of the same prize), there are a three ways you can enter.  (Please leave a separate comment for each AND PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!!):

1.  Be a Follower of My Li'l Pumpkin Patch.  Leave a comment and let me know you are following.  If you are already a follower, let me know!
2. "Like" me on Facebook (I have a button at the top right of my page, or a Facebook gadget on the mid-right area of my blog).  Leave a comment and let me know.
3. Follow me on Twitter.  (Button on top right of blog).  Leave a comment to let me know you are following.

The giveaway is open until September 7, 2011.  (This is only open to US residents.)  Two winners will be announced the following Thursday (September 8).  Good Luck!


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The results are in!  I am happy to announce the winner of the 500 Letterheads from UPrinting!

The winner is Carrie, who said, "I follow Li'l Pumpkin Patch! Thanks for the chance to win."

Congrats Carrie!  I will be contacting you via email!  I hope you enjoy your letterheads!


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It is time for another Stache party to begin!  You may start sending me your ideas for this upcoming month!  I have been so impressed with the fun projects that have been turned in and I am excited to share all of them with you tomorrow!

I need you to email your projects to me by September 28th!

If you are new to the Stache Party, please go here for information.


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Tomorrow is September and, in my mind, the beginning of Fall. 

And since I'm such a Halloween Freak -- I am excited for Halloween!! 

The other day the new Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts Magazine came in the mail -- and I was excited and honored to have my {Creepy} Specimen Art included in this issue.  

So fun!! 

This issue has a many fun Halloween ideas PLUS 78 Winter Holiday projects -- including ornaments, wreaths, pillows and stockings!!

And all the info on how to make the projects, including patterns for many. 

So, in the spirit of Fall and Halloween, here are 10 of my past Fall and Halloween projects to get you in the Autumn mood: 


I'm so excited for Cooler Weather, Wearing Boots and Soup in the Crock Pot!

I have a copy of Holiday Crafts for one of YOU! 

**To enter -- all you need to do is leave a comment with what YOU love most about Fall! 

Have a Wonderful Day!! 


PS -- I will be sharing my first Halloween Project tomorrow over at the Halloween Spooktacular at eighteen25. It's going to be fun!!!


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I can not deny, it has been hard to stay away. So many things I would think of writing and have held firm to give myself the time to just breath. I'm not sure if I'm back yet. I just wanted to share I am taking the time to retrain my mind & eyes into enjoying the little things and not worry so much.
Some new things happening around here... I got a job outside the home. Now before you think I've gone all career woman, it's just once a week working for a women only fitness facility. I really like it with hopes of acquiring a few more days but am content with what I have.
Our little Frog has begun Kindergarten, the last of my wee ones going off to enrich herself. THAT is taking a toll on me with a bit of the empty nest feeling. I will adjust soon enough.
As for the Bee's they appear to be doing great. I only managed to get stung once with the last hive inspection due to my own stupidity. No veil & no smoker.. not the wisest decision I have made but it did leave a painful reminder.

The chickens? Well at 8 months I have yet to see a single egg. I've done the trouble shooting and have sunk low with threatening them in my best Queen of hearts accent "off with their heads!". I do not think they were all that impressed. They never are when I pull that one.
We got around to weed whacking the garden. Yes. it was exactly as you most likely are picturing. An embarrassment as well as a source of sadness to me. I did manage to salvage a few banana melon plants still thriving and am allowing to finish ripening. Without their weed coverage I hope it does not kill them off. There are a few black cherry tomato plants still going strong and I am looking forward to making the green ones into my delicious Green tomato chutney recipe from a few years back.

Oh! And not too long I spoke of the desire on finding us a row Boat. I have caught The Captain dreamily looking over ads & in store displays. I knew he so badly wanted one and after I received my Nikon D3100 {DSLR camera} a few months ago {from the selling of all that awesome vintage finds a friend helped me on}, I found a treasure for my captain... It is one of those stories where it seems too good to be true but Lady Luck smiled down upon me and granted one of our great family desires.

Now the story is that this boat has sat unused for 35 or so years. It hails from Chicago where it had been barely used when bought new then placed in a barn by it's 70 yr old owner where it would sit almost 15 more years. When the owner passed away, a relative came into it being no one else had any interest. So the man hauled it all the way out here in Ohio and promptly stored it in his {immaculate!} barn back in 1993. It sat until 2002 when he cleaned her off and finally got around to buying the sticker license with intentions to get her out on the lake. But instead..she sat. Right up until I walked by and the Tempest lured me in with her vintage AlumaCraft sticker and vintage aluminum body in amazing condition. She's filthy but a little elbow grease & she is sure to be a beaut!
Lets just say I got one heck of a deal that would knock the socks off many. The house & barn are up for sale with a Widower who just wanted things gone from the barn. I was happy to oblige.
To see the face of Little Man when I showed him this picture after saying "Wanna see what I got today?" made it even more worthwhile. A simple "hand reeling in the line" motion from The Captain has Lil Man jumping up & proclaiming "I'll get the stuff". He knows it's time to fish with his daddy. Enriching moments & times they both will cherish long after the boat is gone.

For now, I will gradually make my way back into blogging here but I have a secret to share. I've been cheating on you... I began blogging {to no one really being it is an undiscovered nor shared site} sharing my progress with my photos. Nothing big. Just every session i do with the kids I post a few favorites on there so as to keep track of my progress.
 I told you it was hard to keep away...
Until next time~
Sweetest Dreams,


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