Blind as a ...Mole?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Moles are considered a pest in most Countries due to their shallow tunneling of the earth. Lawns can be destroyed, garden plants left dead from the root disturbance and  other species such as weasels and voles may use mole tunnels to gain access to enclosed areas or plant roots. Contrary to popular belief, moles do not eat plant roots.
Over all, not something positive to find just 10 ft from my garden.
*Post Correction: Thank you to Secret Creek who shared with me these are not moles, but rather Voles. Something I had never known on what the difference is between them, nor seen a picture identifying the difference. She shared: "These babies are Voles...see the rodent looking feet. They live above ground like mice..just a bit bigger than a mouse. Moles have almost no eyeball either."
Thank you Secret Creek for the correction. {Hopefully I'm not the only oddball in the room who never knew the difference. lol}
We were working on the last part of my garden fencing when The Captain lifted one section revealing a Garter snake. O.K, no big deal. Just let our Lil Man the snake charmer grab it and release in the other direction.
Then before he lifted the second panel an adult mole come running out. Hmm. Thats wierd. A snake & a mole in the same spot?
So then we lift the third panel just 8 ft away and found the above. Now it all clicked. Momma Mole was most likely luring the garter snake away from her nest and now here we are disturbing the home she made.
5 baby moles all snug in this above ground spot now exposed to the elements and predators. I know what your thinking, at least most of you. So what did I do?
I told them I would spare them and in return I expect exclusion from their presence in or around my garden. If you choose to disregard this immunity pact your life shall not be spared so kindly as it has this day. Enjoy your freedom, far away from this spot and may we never meet again....
O.k not exactly what I said. More like "I just cant kill 'em. I just cant. Dang me for having a heart!".

Some may think that was a great thing, others may be left shaking their heads. After all, baby moles grow into adult moles and we are not exactly sparse in that department. I feel I interrupted nature enough with the moving of our fence panels. We laid some rocks around the spot so we do not step on the nest and will let Mother Nature do what she does. Maybe my good act of Karma will return as a great garden year. Maybe the moles will selectively destroy the roots of those pesky weeds, bypassing the veggies and fruits. Maybe things will work out in my favor....Maybe.... Hey a girl can at least hope!

Sunny Dreams,
P.S Although the mole can be eaten, the taste is said to be deeply unpleasant. Has me wondering if that snake was either very hungry or just in the wrong place at the wrong time... 



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