Stenciled Circle Rug Tutorial {Spray Paint Project}

Friday, August 26, 2011

Have I ever mentioned that I have a slight obsession with the Disney Show "Good Luck Charlie"? 

I was sick last Spring and spent about 5 hours straight watching it in some sort of "Good Luck Charlie" marathon - lol! I adore the use of color in the "Good Luck Charlie" house!!

Like their turquoise couch! So fun. I developed a bit of a crush on the rug from that set. So I tracked it down and discovered that it is the Key Turquoise Rug from Suzanne Sharp - a famous rug designer and also several thousand dollars. Update -- just requested the price list and yes, it's $5,000 - yikes!!! I think I'm going to try to recreate this rug for my family room :)

And while I was obsessing about this rug, I fond another rug. Also by Suzanne Sharp and decided to try to recreate that -- it's the Sellarsbrook rug.

Here's what I did: 

1. I used cheap rolls of shelf liner. 

2. I traced two sizes of plates onto the liner. 

3. I cut out the circles. 

4. I laid the circles on the rug and overlapped them, three rows.

5.Then I taped rows on top of the circles. And taped the edges up.

6. Then I spray painted the whole rug. 

I bought the rug from Ikea. It was $24.99. In retrospect, I should have rolled the paint on instead of spray painting. The rug has ridges, so it was hard to get the rug taped with the ridges, so some of the spray paint did get underneath the tape. If I had rolled it on, I think the edges would have been a little crisper. 

But overall I'm really pleased with the rug. It looks so pretty in my garden -- with my striped yellow benchI love turquoise and yellow together!! 

So now my patio is extra colorful!!! 

and instead of the $3000 price tag -- mine was under $40!!

Thanks for stopping by - I appreciate it!! 

Have a Fantastic Friday!! 


PS-- This post is linked up with Beth!!

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