Duct Tape secured Rose colored glasses * Canned ham update

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sometimes the greatest adventure brings more then you anticipated. In this case, my canned ham has turned into a Can of worms...or in my case, Ants... But let's start from the beginning.
I traveled an hour to pick up my camper early. All by myself. How Independent of me, or so I intended.
That morning I grabbed some magnetic tail lights for it's towing as well as the hitch ball. You'd think I could just hitch what Panda has dubbed "The Baked Potato" to my truck & off we'd go. Nope. Let's just shorten this a bit to say the seller spent 5 HOURS trying to connect the wiring for the magnetic lights to The Captains truck being we discovered there was not a Plug set up for the job. 
{taken with a cell phone so it's great}
One thing lead to another and combined with being in 95 F degree sun on asphalt the entire time, I ended up calling The Captain to drive the hour out to follow me back home. Major NO NO but I could not leave the camper where it was due to being unsecured in a Reception Party hall parking lot.
 Instant flashes of drunk wedding reception guests getting the bright idea to 
1. Force their way inside to sleep off a night of celebration. {what a surprise that would have been for both parties if I came the next morn & just hooked her up & drove away... }
 2. decide how fun it would be to push her over the hill just off the parking lot& watch her crash
or 3. Hey look! Free camper! Help me hook it up to the car!
I was in tears when the Captain pulled in, apologizing in between deep breaths. Did I mention WE were to attend a wedding reception back home and were already 3 hours late? He was frustrated but ever so patient seeing how upset I was over the whole mess.I white knuckled the entire way home following close behind as he drove the truck towing the camper. Every tiny sway had visions of disaster popping in my head the entire hour. I did not feel relief until we were 15 minutes from home.
The next morning I inspected her more closely and found an invasion of ants. One thing led to another trying to find the nest for eradication & well.... she now looks like this after finding the rotten wood of their enjoyment:

We still have some pieces to remove as well as replace. I truly do not mind gutting her down to the floor and bones. It will ensure a much stronger restoration as well as giving the pleasure of rearranging for an ideal layout.
Oh my, what plans The Captain & I have been discussing! I even have Little brother Army involved {and his sweet offer of lending me his air gun nailer setup!}. So I have duct taped my rose colored glasses on should any doubts start creeping in as they had that first day. I can do this! WE can do this! With a little help from a connection of Panda's friends father whom is an electrician as well as The Captains friend who does Carpentry work,  It will be done right from the beginning. Plus, I'll learn some new skills along the way. What? Did you actually think I would just hire someone to do it and not be involved? I'll be there every step of the way. Even if it means just handing them wire cutters & connectors or lugging wood to the band saw.
A grand Adventure has begun.
Up next,  Garden update!

Rosy dreams,

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