Vintage Christmas Market

Monday, November 19, 2012

Whew, made it through another show!  This one was put on by my friend Becki and I--our first time working together and her first time putting on a show or market.  We got a somewhat late start in planning, but had a very successful and fun day, with lots of great vendors and shoppers.  I saw very few people leave empty handed.  And, we raised almost  $500 for our local food bank in the process.  But, again, whew, glad that is over.  Here are a few pictures from my booth, mine and my very talented friend Tina's, whom I have sold with for several years.  We did not communicate at all beforehand on what we were making or what colors we were painting with, but our items meshed together beautifully.  We had a star theme going--again, not planned but great minds (or crazy ones) think alike I guess.

We keep our booth set-up fairly simple always--let our merchandise do the talking.  A little brown kraft paper warmed up the walls.
All of my things I have been showing you for the 12  Days of Christmas sold, my ribbon stars, NOEL, Joy swag, chalkboard stocking holders...all of it :)!
I didn't show you this fun vintage children's folding table I redid.
A big believe sign I free-handed.See the cute elf arms and legs Tina's teenage daughter made?
I made some quick burlap banners that sold quickly.
I made these trees for an entry display--I sold two of them and we gave away one.
Becki made cute presents for the tables and the trees.
Tomorrow, I will continue with the last four days of the 12 days of Christmas.  Today, it is time to reclaim my home.  I knew it had gotten bad when the 16 year old son said, "Mom, our house is so messy, when can we clean it?" I guess he was tired of furniture being painted on the kitchen table and craft-filled counters.



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