Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreaths

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas ornament wreaths are the perfect way to use those old, chipped 
ornaments and turn them into something new and beautiful!

Here's how to do it:
First, attach a wire to your wreath base.  
This will serve as the wreath's hanger.
You can use any type of wreath base. Straw works well. (The first

wreath shown in the photos below was built upon an existing old wreath)
Next, use a low temp glue gun to attach ornaments to the wreath base. 
Attach the largest ornaments first, then use the smallest ornaments to fill in the gaps. 
That's it! Check out the collection of wreaths below for inspiration!

Pretty vintage ornament wreath by Everyday Beauty

What pretty colors! Get the directions to make this wreath from Canadian Living here!

Christmas wreath made from vintage tree ornaments

To me, old ornaments are matter paint chips or imperfections...

I like the ribbon hanger on this pretty ornament wreath

Christmas wreath loaded with vintage jewelry and ornaments by Sweetlenasretro via Etsy

Pink, purple, and blue Christmas wreath by FineTouch via Etsy

The color combinations are endless...this one is from Livingartfuly

Not just for doors - this wreath looks great displayed on the wall

Ornament Wreath
This pretty gold ornament wreath is from Martha Stewart

Heart shaped red ornament wreath by WruffledWren via Etsy

I like how this wreath includes the elf and glitter house

Ornament wreath.
What a pretty display! from BHG

Cottage Chic Feather Like Vintage Ornament Wreath, Christmas Bulbs, Figurines
Cottage chic feather-like vintage ornament wreath by MakeMoxie via Etsy

Cheery Christmas wreath by judyblank via Etsy

Technicolor ornament wreath by Brightbazar

ornament wreath
I love the look of this thin, silvery wreath

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