Winter gift DIY on a budget series 1

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You all know how I LOVE making Homemade gifts for the holidays. A few years back I began my
* Straight from the Farm winter holiday gift baskets *. Each year our family makes something different to go into these. The items are created throughout the year with our Loved Ones in mind. Being we do not exchange gifts amongst the adults, we do this as a family gift. Sharing with others what we grow & make for ourselves. A few additions thrown in but ALWAYS home & handmade.
 In this series, I will share & hopefully inspire your Hand & Home made Holiday gift baskets beyond the average perishable cookie & bit theme.
These DIY inspiration's are non edible. Versatile enough for everyone.
First up is Concrete candle holders. None of that dixie cup crudeness.
How about a cool dozen of these square low boys to line a deck side, a drive or walk path. Even the porch railing would benefit from their soft glow. Inside, a flight of stairs would be stunning.
 Collect small to medium waxed cardboard cartons {like whipping cream,milk, half & half, etc} to create the shape.Even jewelry gift box or other small containers can be utilized. Lay container on side, cut hole on top candle side, using your tea light metal base as the pattern. Seal all excess openings with wax paper/duct tape. Scoop cement mixture,{using Fine concrete & not rocky} into the hole you cut. An old funnel would work well too. Once filled 99%, insert tea light with metal base into hole. Let sit 2-4 days until dry before removing the waxed cardboard container.
Package them with tea lights or flameless flicker votive. Wrap in 3's with a wide ribbon or even rustic twine with a note card suggesting o their use & your wishes for a bright season.
This next one can be achieved by cutting luan wood or THICK cardboard for each side & secure with a wrapping of duct tape. Don't forget to close up the bottom with same. Use Hard as Nails glue to attach the top candle holder portion to the Pedestal.
While your at it, why not whip up a * concrete vase * {<~click for DIY} similar to this, with or without the succulant to make as a set:
Photo Via Home Beautiful
Candles more up your alley? Then take a moment to explore this Pinterest collection of Candle love:
SO many inspiring snippets such as this personal Favorite {and soon to be in my home item}:
 or maybe a nice concrete bird bath bowl paired with the most useful creation I have
 ever seen with Acorns.
Floating Acorn Cap candles! It is become more rare to find candle making supplies in local stores so call around to craft & hobby stores before making the drive to assume it will be stocked. These are made from those Oak Tree fallings, just a dab of wax & the small thin NON Zinc core wick and smallest wick plate clamp. If you have access to Oaks, make it a family hunt to find those perfect caps. Don't forget a few nice quality snapshots to use as a tag for the gift. Showing you together. As a Family with the oak tree, leaves or handfuls of Acorns & grinning faces..
One last Candle cuteness. Burlap wrapped glass holders with a hand stamped message. I envision these with the Family Last name, and/or words such as Cherish, Dream, Strength, Hope, or other inspiring quality/encouragement you feel may be fitting.
No worries if none of the idea's appeal to you. I have a heck of a lot more for feasting your eyes and oiling those Creative gears. From kitchen to workshop. Share the TRUE meaning of the season and not the Market disease it has become.
Now off to refashion the baskets I found for all the great wonders of our Little Stone Cottage Holiday baskets.
Wishing you the Sweetest of dreams,

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