Art On the Flip Side

Monday, December 3, 2012

A few years ago I made this free art (you can read about it HERE):

For the past two years I have left this up during Christmas, but have added red berries to it (you can read about that HERE):
But since I am doing a white and cream theme for  Christmas this year, the red berries weren't going to work.  I turned the window around and painted the luan board white. I added some narrow wood trim boards for a frame and screws for a ribbon star.
I had a cream colored lace ribbon from Michaels.  It didn't stand out enough so I coffee stained it.  The lace ribbon by itself was a little too pretty for me so I wrapped jute around the star three times to roughen it up a bit.  
A few other white and natural touches completed this side of my shelf.  
And the best part is that when Christmas is over, I can turn it around and go back to my blue art.



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