Pt.4 Winter gifts 10 DIY's

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not your average box of cookies found here. They average from a few hours to a dedicated day of creating.  

Gift #1
 For the Outdoorsy recipient, Make them a Dog Back Pack! Dogs can carry up to 25% of their weight in a pack. Things like their ball/Frisbee. Water, treats and food as well as collapsible containers. Moose is big enough to even carry my water and mini first aid kit with his own supplies. Pricing all the pieces needed if buying all new as well as velcro instead of zippers, I came to a total of $15. If you happen to have a few like new hunting vests or can ask around for a few, this would make the project cost half as much as well as visual enhancing!
Moose will be receiving one in neon orange being he's a large animal whose color easily makes him mistaken for a deer to a less responsible & eager Hunter.  Neon orange would also be great for those joggers and walkers. 
Gift #2 & 3
Do you knit?  I don't... sadly I just do not have the patience. But if you do, why not knit up a trendy Scull cap! I've shared with you *over Here* how to make one from a sweater and ball cap visor for us non knitters. This was in 2010 and it still looks great after multiple wash & dries! 

Over at Amanda Knits, she graciously shares her knitting pattern for this "code 88" scull cap! perfect for a wide variety of recipients and in one comment, it was said to take just 5 hours to knit. Perfect for that Ice Fisherman, Hunter, Teen and father! Heck, even the women of the house could enjoy one of these for a jaunt to the chicken house, a walk on the trails or for the lazy winter hair days doing outside chores..
Gift #4
On the subject of outdoor wear, here's something for the younger Boys and girls! Another Upcycle sweater DIY gift:

Gift #5
It's One for the birds! The more grown up version of the birdseed pine cone feeder. Detailed tutorial shared by Stephanie Lynn. Complete with inspiration for various shapes other then a "do nut" wreath. Time to eye those never used jello molds and decorative tins. Remember~ Package & presentation! That ribbon makes this go from ordinary "Oh thanks" to "This is so cute!".Homemade with pro results. Your local fabric stores should have some major sales going on right now so go browse for the perfect cloth to make your "ribbon hang ties". Nothing cutesy like child style graphics. Take inspiration from this cute flannel plaid print.
Gift #6
This next one can be customized between adult or child use. Use multi fabrics or coordinate colors to their interests. Perfect for lounging outdoors under a tree reading or watching the kids play. Easy enough to throw in the trunk for use at a park, camping, out on the lake, sleep overs and so on down the list. Double use being perfect for indoor lounging. This is a bit more time dedication but makes a great way to use up the leftover fabric pile or those too small pairs of jeans you have yet to rid yourself of. Use your imagination for fabric upcycle! If giving to a child, this would be nice combined with a book either in a series they enjoy already or introduce them to a new one. 
The DIY Jelly Roll Floor pillow:
If gifting a book{s}, why not wrap them up with a natural twist? Brown craft paper or brown bag for the wrapping. A sweet stamped gift tag with a sprig of cypress, pine or other winter greenery. The extra effort will not go unnoticed :

Gift #7
More simple sewing? Have problems cutting things straight? Then THIS may be a great way to give a sewn gift without doubt. Bandanna square blanket! There are so many colors and designs to use Go explore the accessory aisle for inspiration. Have a look online for even more styles. As created by Deco Allure, shared on her site complete with a mini how to:
Photo via Deco Allure
Gift #8
Have a garden lover? Maybe give a touch of Curb appeal to a smaller space outdoors? I've already began looking through my garage PVC pipe extras for one of these. Spray paint for the finish in a bright or mute color. This one below with complete tutorial, was made with Copper. If you can afford to splurge on copper for gift use, you are in for a major grateful recipient. Enlarge the pieces for a pathway walk through or make small for Rose bushes. Wonderful DIY and inspiration via Fine Gardening:

Gift #9

Another WOW factor DIY on a budget for something Extraordinary.. Make a bench from 2 dining chairs! Perfect for the porch to encourage no shoes or boots in the house. Put in a foyer, out by the garden, in the house or bedrooms. This one looks easy enough with a *tutorial by An Oregon Cottage*
This one with a back seems more to my taste & use. My favorite hence far, *MakandJill* but no tutorial.
 I did find a slew of various DIY dining chair bench tutorials through *Scrap Hacker.* A trip to the second hand stores or other resourceful spots for a few old dining chairs will range as little as free up to $15 per chair. Personally, I would never go higher then that and even then it better be drool factor worthy used dining chairs.
Part 4 of this series will end with one of my top favorite DIY gifts. Small enough to tag along on your hikes and car rides. Creative & Pretty enough to indulge your admiration for old book covers. Start searching for those local used Book sales such as the ones held by your local library. This one is a must on my DIY list.
Gift #10
I picture this one with many creative possibilities. Shown here as a sketch book kit, it  can easily be  transformed into a child's travel coloring kit. A "secret Journal" stash or car ride crossword puzzle purse.
This one one you DO judge a book by it's cover.
 Now I'm off for a little R&R before I belly up the sewing table.
Keep watching for Part 5 of the Gift DIY series. A little bit of everything with plenty more kick.
Sweet Winter Dreams,

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