Pt.5 Winter Gift DIY ~ Not your Grandma's slippers here

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ya won't find your grandma's slippers, mass produced like a trucker with Caffeine filled veins, on here, darling. We are kicking that box down & bringing a whole new respect for Hand made gifts this Holiday season. Thumb your nose at the hours in line, grouchy faced shopper crammed stores and get in touch with the TRUE meaning of gift giving from the heart.

Gift #1
Ingenious all in one Boot scrubber & scraper! With the look & quality of something you buy in a Gardener specialty store. Perfect for any home where mud or snow is possible. A door hinge for boot bottom scraper? Now why didn't I think of that..
Found  * via content in a cottage * whom shared her finding from Mary Jane Butters project of the week.
Perfect for a wide range of recipients. From a gardener, a farmer, Dad & the boys who romp about outdoors and the special little Lady who comes & goes from yard to kitchen. What about those with a camper or tent camp? You are bound to know someone whom would love your personalized gift. Keep this one in mind year round. Great as a New home gift! I would forgo any plastic handle brushes. They would just make your project have a less indulgent appearance. Wood top brushes range from $2 or more. For some they may even be a little more searching to acquire. But remember, Presentation is not just about the packaging. 
I advise against Painting. Seal/weatherproof the wood before screwing in the hinge/brushes. Do the same sealing on the wood handle brushes before assembling. This will seal out moisture & protect the wood for many years to come.
Be sure to include a How to use tag. " To use, Hold the Boot Scraper in place by stepping onto the "platforms" on either side while Scraping the opposite boot."

Gift #2
Why not SHARE that heirloom Doily with other members of your family! This is one way to share a precious memento hand me down with other members of the family whom would treasure a piece of past.
Do you remember Victoria Magazine, when they became AWOL for almost a decade? I LOVED that magazine and still have a few of my favorite editions from the early 90's. Talk about disappointment when I could not find anymore issues before I realized they closed down the press. Well they made a come back recently with a bit of modern flare. This is from their May/June 2011 edition. Sharing with us how Maggie Weldon, the creator & owner of Lace Pottery creates breath taking yet simple plates. You could easily make a platter, a bowl or on down the line to your desire. A simple hand woven Doily with the looks of an Heirloom treasure can be shared with many others.
 Ever so grateful to have found the tutorial being my issue containing this tutorial became a home for winter hibernating mice in the garage. Never should have left it out there...
Via: *  *
Ready to jump right in & create your own? Your family & friends will be AMAZED with your "new found skill" and treasure the useful piece of art to boot. Why not make a proper set. Enough for use during meals, outdoor dining, or as  Spring meal /Birthday exclusives. Click that link under the above photo to see all the accommodating How to photos. This below is just to tease your temptation with the simplicity:

Gift #3
Remember the Book cover sketch book in Part 4? And the Cant live without Cast Iron bread pans in Part 3? Well baby if you like those, then your gonna LOVE playing with this one.
Find an OLD hard back while shopping in the thrifts, the Library sales with this project in mind. Make a recipe card scrapbook they can keep adding to over the years! Just be sure to add some already filled in with favorites. Like taking photos? Why not add in a few photos of the food item to accommodate the card? Put pictures in plastic protective sleeves for that extra special "just for you" touch.
Via Two Peas in a Bucket
Complete tutorial over at  *Two Peas in a Bucket* .
Originally meant as a mini photo scrapbook. I saw the metal rings & instantly brought to mind a better use for storing those recipe cards. Now THAT is a kicker use for the love of Hard back book covers!

Gift #4
Save those pages during your crafting! Why not turn them into fire starters! Either for your self or as a bonus for themed gift giving:
I know the pine cones are just darling in appearance, but for home fireplace use I would add wood dust/shavings in their place. Mixed in with a little Beeswax,paraffin for "cementing". Add the sage leaves, lavender sprigs, rose petals or other dried & naturally scented additive of your choice. Pine creates Creosote, coating the chimney which in turn creates a flammable substance clinging to the actual interior. Pine is just not a good idea for indoor fires. 

Too many pages to use? Keep them handy. You never know what this winter Gift series will bring to your attention.

Gift #5

Despite a more natural approach with my own Hair, Panda has been rather flustered with hers. Not only did she inherit my smashing good looks, attitude & pretty much everything else. Poor thing inherited my exact hair. What once was fine baby black hair has transformed with her maturing into my ethnic texture strands. With haphazard annoying curls appearing in some sections. She began using the flat irons while at her friends homes and a year ago I succumbed with compassion to buying her one of her own.  Apparently the lower end brands do not give her the same results as those she found using her friends straighteners.
So I found the one she has been begging for priced 50% off {at Ulta Beauty}and even then it is far more then I would willingly spend but was met with "All I want this year is a Chi Hair straightener. Mom, I don't care if I get anything else.". Thanks to Grandma the super sale queen, I found one, even better then she requested.
The point of this gift is that MANY girls/women use the hot flat iron or even a curling iron on their hair. I do not know a single teen girl that I have encountered whom does NOT use one.This is a simple gift but can be combined with hair accessories such as a nice brand of hair protector spray or gift card for the local beauty supply which any Teen would be smiling about.
WONDERFUL * tutorial for the hot or cold storage travel case for their flat iron.  * Get a peek at the recipients flat iron. {they do vary in width. From 1/2 inch plates to 2" plates of the straightener. If for a younger female, simply ask "Mom" what the size is before you whip it up. Otherwise, you might have to resort to a bit of creepy snooping in their bathroom with that hidden in your pocket measuring tape. Your on your own there 'Sista!

Via Sew4Home*
'..You can pack it two different ways, depending on whether the tool is warm or cold. If the tool is warm when you need to pack it, put the tool itself in the inside tool pocket and loop the cord around to the outside cord pocket. This way you don't store the cord next to the hot tool."

Gift #6
For the Gym, The local pool, sleepovers, or for that youth whom plays a sport. Panda played Cross Country this last season and always had a separate sling back bag for stuff. And due to the dirty shoes and sweaty uniform, had to be washed.. Often..This one is a great unisex gift. Do NOT let the circle grommets scare you. Truly they are the easy part if you have a problem with cutting straight lines.
*Via Sew4Home*

Can you believe just 2 more weeks to get your gifts done! Now that I put that down, I realize I better get a move on my list. I've been far to busy with winter cleaning and organizing this past week. I have only accomplished the back seat cover for the car since I've been spending as much time cleaning it from Moose Tracks as I am other rooms of the house...
Now Ya'll get moving. Time is closing in on us!
Sweetest Dreams,

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