Garden pallets & a Kitchen Aide

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pallets are once again on my mind. The garden will need a durable tomato support system and the various climbing vegetables will need their support as well. Looking for some inspiration to guide the plans, I found so many wonderful uses for Pallet recycling to use in the garden I simply had to share.
This tutorial from the DIY network is claimed as a cucumber trellis, which in my plans, would be perfect for trellising the 6 ft tall Opalka Tomato plants. Pallet wood would be in place of newly purchased lumber. Cost effective for the amount necessary with our average of 30 tomato plants.
Being my Bent wood trellis arbor has weakened due to the bare state, I am eyeing this Pallet tunnel as the replacement. Unfortunately, the original source of the photo continues to elude me. It has been Pinned by a woman whom also shared it on her blog but no original source has been shared. So this would not come with tutorial. Eyeing it is easy enough for planning.

Of course, the plans for our Duck house are first on the list. I discovered this wonderful use of Pallets for a hen house, which inspires my thoughts for transforming into a similar design for the future Welshie's. Not as Tall and no need for the open top ventilation as well as an end door as they have created. It would require the height of small pallets to fit with our plans of a lifting roof access for clean out & egg retrieval. Not a complete tutorial is given. Pictures documenting some of their progress into the finished piece by Helicopter Studios.
Here is a "why I didn't I think of that" tutorial for making your own Fruit crates, kindly shared by End of Ordinary  These would make a beautiful handy addition to the garden bounty storage:
And while on the subject of storing the bounty, I covet not only the amazing minds of this duo behind the Old World Garden Farms blog, but the Canning pantry they made from pallets! I HIGHLY recommend you check out the Pallet project How to's they generously share as well as the rest of their intriguing site.
This is the time of year where I do most of the planning. Days are uneventful for the most part, lending me time to read many books and begin laying out what the warmer weather will entail. I've been on a Semolina Flour experimentation kick of late. Between Pizza dough recipes and pasta making. I am finding plenty of uses for the 50lb sack I ordered through the local Restaurant supply. At 50 cents a pound verses the $2.79 a pound found at the only local source, via an Italian Mom & Pop shop, the Pasta machine is in full swing.
The Kitchen Aide Mixer has been a blessing with all the dough. I received my Kitchen Aide through a Friend of Panda's. They had 2 and being the Mother of this friend wants to learn how to garden, do Canning, learn how to Fish and how to shoot, she offered the mixer. Mostly because she tried to give it to me as a gift which she knew I would kindly and graciously refuse. So The Pink Machine will till up her garden and I will assist her along the way with the skills she so desires as well as teach her how to handle a gun.
Some things never cease to amaze me in the way life works out.

Sweet Dreams,



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