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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My goodness, that was exhausting! I have spent weeks deciphering what we should order for the garden. Not too mention trying to find ALL heirloom varieties where most will mix OP, Heirloom & Hybrid throughout their pages. I have been lazy in the seed saving department the last few years due to not liking what is grown. I feel wasteful but the varieties are just not up to par in my book. So we end up ordering new seed every year. That needs to stop. Back to Basics and no more of this exotic novelty experimentation.
In the past, I ended up always buying from the big name in heirlooms, with glossy pages of Garden Porn called a catalog. More and more middle eastern varieties dominate their pages and honestly, leave me with little desire. Something from the land of Sun & sand is NOT going to due as well in the land of Corn, snow & short summers. Very disappointed & frustrated with most I have grown from them. Their novelty has worn off. We are no longer compatible. I wish them well but ultimately  must part gardening ways.
This year, we are going with a different Heirloom company. One I found all that I wanted, for the most part, in one place. I will say I wish they had a tad more variety in actual PIE pumpkins/squash. That is the only area that is of high importance in my book that I mention for purpose of an honest & fair opinion. Prices are fair/reasonable and I have yet to find a negative review on them. In fact, I have only found positive & glowing reviews.
 *Annie Heirloom Seeds * For those whom are new to Annie's, I found an online use code for 5% off your first order. In the coupon code box of your ordering process, write CAT5 for the discount. This was on my catalog as well as on their website, which I thought I would bring to your attention in the case it be overlooked. So hop over there & have a browse. Consider buying your Heirloom seeds from Annie's this year and you will be supporting one of the "little guys" as well as receive, from all I have read, great viability & healthy Heirloom seed for your garden.
'The Vegetable Garden' by Richard Adams
In February, my order will go in for the following new varieties to be added here in 2013:

{A Purple French Pole Bean} 
Cosse Violette ~Harvesting will be so much easier with purple tender pods & have purple flowers gracing the vines. Narrow, stringless, ten inch long, dark purple, well-on-the-way-to-black pods with a fine, eat-on-its-own flavour. Turns green when cooked.

{French filet/Haricot Vert bush bean}
 Masai Bush bean ~ Produces great amounts. Not finicky to grow. Only get 5 inches long & should be picked at 4 inches plus never wider then 1/4 inch thick for the best taste. No need to pick as often as other Haricot verts. said to be great for container gardening as well.

{Purple Brussel Sprouts} 
Falstaff ~ that stay purple even after cooking! Mild & nutty flavor. We love our Brussels.

{Saurkraut Cabbage} 
Filderkraut ~ A core-less, pointed head German heirloom. VERY sweet. Stoked to grow this cabbage.

 Lacinto ~ lots of great taste & crinkles. sometimes referred to as Dinosaur or Black Tuscan Kale. Nothing like some kale mixed in with Orecchiette pasta, sausage/tiny diced tomatoes.

{Green shell peas}
 Little marvel ~Produces high yields of tender sweet peas.

{Red Peppers for my Roasted Pep & Tom Spread}
Corno di Toro Rosso~Long,thin. Rich & Sweet taste. Superior Italian Fryer pepper.

{Paste Tomato}
 Opalka~ Meaty, almost dry. VERY low in seeds. Found raving reviews on taste, disease resistance & production during it's research. 

Black Plum ~ Hails from Russia so should hold, well into mid/late Fall. Great smoky Taste expected from a black tomato. Just 3 inches but packed with great taste & said to make an amazing pasta sauce. This will replace the Black Cherry I have grown for many years which I use in it's green state for chutney.

We have had the Flu sweeping through the house the last few weeks. Of course, we are not the doctor visit & antibiotic type. We let it take it's course which is the healthier route as long as you do not have a weaker immune system as found in the elderly, very young or other compromise of immunity health. I feel all kinds of bruised from the coughing and know it will require a regular visit to gym once I have a bit more pep to ensure I am not falling down in the garden at first sign of the soil warming up. 
I'm off to start wiping down door knobs, handles & appliances. The younger 2 did not catch the flu and I prefer to keep it that way.

Sweetest Dreams my Dear,



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