Drywall and Other Progress

Monday, February 11, 2013

Well with a snow day a week ago Rob was able to finish up the dry wall work where he had taken out the soffit.  We spent about $40 on dry wall, mud and screws.  We also had a friend recommend an electrician who came over after his work day to move some wiring. He was so kind and gave Rob some tips on how to do some wiring himself. He also charged us $40  for the labor and materials. Not a bad deal at all. However, we decided to do something else with the microwave, so we will not have to do any rewiring anyways.

We picked up some maple at Lowe's and had one of the employees cut the wood to build new cabinets.  The total cost for the first wall of cabinet wood was $50.  Here is the inspiration photo that I found on Pinterest and share with Rob when I was thinking of cabinet ideas.

We are going to do this on the side of our kitchen that does not go over our stove. In the middle we are putting our microwave either on the counter in the middle or on a shelf. Rob spent most of Sunday afternoon building the two sides of the cabinets. We are going to hopefully do false drawers at the bottom that actually open up to store my mixer and other items.  

This may not look like much now, but we are hoping it turns out amazing. He worked with his new router and router table to notch out placement for shelves. Then used his drill press to make holes in order to hold the brackets for shelving. The top 48 inches will be one cabinet with three shelves, and the bottom half will hold the mixer like I show below.  Rob's next step it to make the doors and the front panels for the cabinets.  He made two of these cabinet frames on Sunday and worked very hard. 

Rob was able to create some outside trim for the cabinet he created and then a door below out of some mahogany wood my parents had given us to use. You can't beat free in this project.
He also started to put together a door for the front of where the mixer will be kept.  He wanted to have it look like the two drawers in the inspiration photo, but actually open like a door.  I just leaned it up against the front of the cabinet to see how it would look.  

This is going to be a slow moving process, but that is okay because I can use pretty much everything in my kitchen still.  We are hoping to head to IKEA to check out some butcher block counters soon.  The running total for this entire project so far is $100.  

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