Goals For The Challenge

Monday, December 28, 2009

So, I spent the day making an inventory of my pantry, freezer, and fridge.  I'm not completely done, but I have a good enough idea to start a basic menu for the next week or so.  Since I made playing games this week a priority, I spent part of my inventory time playing Phase 10 with my family, and then visiting with our dear friends who braved the snowy, icy streets to share a cup of tea and a Cranberry Orange muffin.  It was time well spent.

My husband is on vacation this week, so the menu for this week will be a little different than for the rest of the challenge, but I have officially begun the challenge anyway, instead of waiting until January 1.  This way, I'll already be in the "swing" when school and our regular schedule begin again next week.

My goals for the challenge are:
1. To spend a maximum of $30 per week on groceries for the family. I will still go to the grocery store but my only purchases will be dairy, eggs & produce and water, and anything I can get free with coupons.
2. To try at least one new recipe each week.
3. To use the small appliances I have, or let them go at the end of the month.  This includes my juicer, Foreman grill, and waffle maker.
4. To save all the rebates I receive during the month.
5. To send off atleast $50 in rebates during the month.

I'd like to lower my OOP for the per week spending, but I'm leery because we spend on average $7 a week in bottled water, which we purchase by the gallon.



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