The first local store to carry the Reclaimed Wreckage brand

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well the good news is I got into 2 stores this week and I'm a featured artist at the y2y Gallery for their event on Dec 19th! Things are going great and I hven't even crated a look book yet. I have a portfolio with no photos in it yet but I've basically been working off referrals.

When I was doing my first market at Trolly Square downtown I got bored with standing in my boooth so had the husband take over and I began to wander with Boston. We found ourselves in a store called Beloved Artisan Jewelry that features 15 (now 16) local artists and their talents. I recognized one of my friends work in there and commented to the cashier that I loved her work and asked how she was doing because I hadn't seen her in awhile.

It turned out the cashier was the store owner and before I left we were talking about my recycled accessories and especially my vinyl record jewelry. We were instant friends and even though I feel like they're taking a chance on me since my jewelry isn't nearly as detailed as most of their other stuff, it's still good. I brought in 12 pieces yesterday and  get the eye-level section of the back wall. It was all so casual and great. I signed the contract which was clear and easy: 3 months, rotate jewelry every month, and keep track of what I've given them. I really hope this turns into a lasting friendship and I can count on recieving a check from them on a monthly basis.



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