Tin Can Camper Hunting

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Years ago, I came within hours of buying a Vintage Tin Can camper but those dreams were dashed. With things slowing down on the to do list around here, those dreams crept back in for the enjoyable remodeling project.
I think I found her! My Betty! A 1967 FAN Coach Camper that needs SOME work but not a huge overhaul. This dreamy Vintage camper was bought by the current owners as a restoration project a few years ago but their jobs kept them from going beyond the cleaning as well as the start of repairing the once leaked upon roof interior. I ventured out this weekend with Little man at my side, to look the 13 foot long camper over.
I fell.. HARD. I did not expect to have the first one I look at to have such an impact. She met every one of the bits on my checklist and I made my offer after discussing it with The Captain. I find out today if this will be my "Betty".

You can see where they began to remove the water damaged ceiling wood as you peer through the door.

 She even has a tiny Latrine! Not sure if that will be removed or remodeled until I get in there.
See the original stove in ugly brown? Rust Oleum has refinishing product for that.
Standing in the doorway, you see the back seating/ twin bed area as well as the Kitchen side. The seating has a wood pull out system which would fit a Twin size mattress perfectly. The electric fireplace is obviously not original but would be added in the remodel plans. Fall Camping would be much nicer with a heating unit.
The current owners have already sanded down all the wood {BONUS!} for stain & sealing. This dining area transforms into a Full size bed nook. That stick on squares of tile MUST go.
Get a look at that most likely never used oven!

I will be crushed if this one slips through my hands but in defense of the possibility, I was not prepared to buy this soon. I wanted to look over as many as possible to educate myself in differences, what to look for, etc. I got lucky with this couple. A project they meant to undertake no longer fit their schedule and they want it to go to someone who wants it for restoration remodel to USE. NOT resell for a profit being they were selling it so low in price. The wife has voiced it to her husband whom told me, his wife prefers I get it since all the other interested parties are looking for a resell venture.
Now if only that would play in my favor of our negotiations...
Hopefully, I share next the excitement of bringing "Betty" home but if not.... the hunt will continue.
As for the current undertakings,
Black Raspberries are being picked every morning, producing almost 3/4 a colander each time. PLENTY more on those canes but one of my larger spots has been invaded by black angry hornets. Grr.
Frog & I hit some trails around the lake for Blackberry reference and could not pass up some picking of the areas black raspberries. Upon which we found this nestled within the heart of a patch just 3 1/2 feet off the ground:

I have neglected you so this warmer season and will try to be more of a presence. Especially if I get my "Betty". yep. Vintage Camper remodel fun. Maybe I can get her ready for a trip to the Country Living Fair this September with Panda at my side. That place is surely to produce some Tin Can fancy decor.
Sweetest dreams,

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