Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 is upon us and what that usually means for most is a fresh start, a whole new year filled with possibilities and new adventures.  And in thinking to the new year and my business, I wonder about what trends will be popular in home decor as that is my business.  Now keep in mind that I live in Montana and we are not usually the first to jump on  the trend bandwagon and junkers do the trends in a different way.  But, I do think it is important to stay current, to introduce new ideas to my customers, and to be aware as to what is trending.  I like to switch things up in my own home and in what I create, and let's face it, it is necessary to change things and stay somewhat current or else we would all still have homes that look like this:

This is my family circa 1978--love the wallpaper mom!

In "researching" this, aka perusing cyberspace, I found many different ideas as to what will be trendy in 2013.  Some common things I found over and over were:
Animal prints, not as in zebra or cheetah, but as in cute dogs and elephants on fabric. I think this will be fun to recreate in paint on furniture!
Color--apparently there are no big color trends, and certainly no agreement on what the popular colors may be, but neon appears to be on the way out, lots of soft or gold yellows, neutrals, with softer colors added.  Blue will be popular, as almost a neutral.  I like these softer colors, but it will be a change for me.  Oh how I do love my bright turquoise.
Plascon colour trends 2013, latest decor trends, the roommate,  
 Stripes are supposedly going to be popular in both clothing and decor--time to buy more painter's tape!
 Wallpaper in bold patterns is suppose to be hot--I won't go there in my home, too hard to remove.  But, I will use some on furniture pieces, on the backs of cabinets and such.
deco 2 
Reclaimed wood and wood furniture is trending--yeah, I have that one covered.  Apparently, shiny metals mixed in with the wood will be hot so I will need to add some metal touches to my pieces.  And speaking of metal--brass is back--oh noo, we have painted all of our brass things.
Pallet Storage Bench/Coffee Table Tutorial
Repurposing and using natural materials and nature inspired motiffs and shapes.
Painted vintage furniture--yep, got this covered too.
love the teal 
So, which trends are you excited about or do you think you will try?  Which trends are out the door?  In my opinion, and I have said this before but I know, I continue to feature it, but burlap, at least for furniture and pillows, Union Jack, books as decor (I use a lot of books!), overly bright colors.  Only time will tell.  What won't go out of style?  Comfortable homes that are made for families, homes that invite and are used and lived in!



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