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Friday, February 8, 2013

After reading all the super funny Hey Girl posts for the link party at View Along The Way I figured I'd give this a whirl with Rob.  He does a lot of the projects around the house. 1. Because has become quite handy and 2. Wynn would rather play princesses with her me at this point. :)

This one is the story of our life right now....

I'm always required to be the passenger when we are all on the road. I know Rob's so wishing he was the dj for Wynn, the entertainment when the songs are not cutting it and the person trying to hold the dogs back from jumping up front.

Golf widows get me on this one. I think men play golf because they can take longer to play this than any other sport that sports junkies play.  However, I can also get a lot of stuff done during that time too.

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