Colours of Lisbon

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here are some patterns of Lisbon from my recent trip to the city. It's a city filled with beautiful graffiti  tiled and brightly coloured buildings, seven hills and paved patterns. I hope these will inspire you to visit the beautiful city. The Portuguese themselves are very laid back and easy going, despite not knowing any Portuguese myself, I still found is very easy to always find a kind passer-by to help with directions and advice about where to visit. We stayed in the bustling Bairro Alto area, which is full of small drinking holes and walking distance (if you like to walk) from everything worth seeing. For the rest, you can easily hail a taxi, which are relatively cheap. When our taxi driver got lost once taking us to the wrong address, he zeroed the amount and took us to the right place without charging us extra. Not sure how may honest taxi drivers you can find in other European cities ?! We even left some of own graffiti in Lisbon (Dino Kouyiallis).

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